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Report a Concern

Informal whistleblower tips can be reported to the University’s Whistleblower Hotline, anonymously if you prefer. Whistleblower concerns typically deal with:

  • Violations of federal or state laws or regulations,
  • Serious or substantial violations of University policy
  • Economically wasteful activities
  • Gross misconduct, gross incompetence, gross inefficiency
  • Conditions that threaten the health or safety of employees or the public

Retaliation against employee whistleblowers who in good faith report suspected improper governmental activities is prohibited. If you believe you have been retaliated against, please inquire with your Human Resources or Academic Personnel Office, or with the Locally Designated Official in the UCLA Compliance Office.

UCLA’s whistleblower retaliation complaint process for employees is set forth in UCLA Procedure 620.1. The filing deadline is one year from the most recent adverse personnel action alleged to be retaliatory.

Additional Whistleblower resources can be found below.

Formal Grievances can be filed if you are seeking a personal remedy over the terms/conditions of your employment or academic status.

Grievances cannot be submitted anonymously or through the whistleblower hotline. Please be mindful of the strict filing deadlines that might be associated with your grievance.

For more information on how to begin the grievance process, please see below:

  • Faculty & Other Academic Employees – contact the Personnel Office at (310) 825-3841
  • Campus Staff – contact CHR Employee & Labor Relations at (310) 794-0860
  • Students – contact the Dean of Students at (310) 825-3894